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Birthdate:Feb 25
Location:United States of America
I am not ashamed of my life or my joys anymore.

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absinthe, activism, adventures, alice in wonderland, amazing pulp adventures, american mcgee's alice, arguing, aristocracy, asking questions, asoiaf, ballads, ballroom dancing, bards, bbc, believing, blues, body piercing, books of magic, bpal, british comedy, brooklyn, calvin and hobbes, celtic music, challenges, changeling, changing the world, charles de lint, chess, children's books, chivalry, civil liberties, cloves, compassion, conversation, creativity, daydreaming, divorce, dreaming, england, environment, faerie, faerie tales, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, filk, firefly, folk music, folklore, forests, free will, freedom of religion, geek kids, geeks, george r.r. martin, grammar, hope, if, independent films, intellectuals, intelligence, interactive fiction, ireland, ivaw, jazz, labyrinths, larp, laughing, law, les miserables, lighthouses, literacy, love, mae west, magic, making a difference, military intelligence, mister adventure, monty python, mu*ing, music, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neovictorianism, new york, old movies, oliver wendell holmes, park slope, petridish, phil ochs, pirates, poetry readings, reading, renaissance, roleplaying, sarcasm, sca, science fiction, secret passages, secrets, sex, sexual improvement, shakespeare, singing, snark, social darwinism, social engineering, sociology, space exploration, star wars, stars, teaching, text adventures, the daily show, the rat pack, tree-hugging, truth, ts eliot, urban fantasy, used bookstores, vfp, vfw, victorian porn, wings, woods, wora, wordplay, writers for relief, zork
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